About Us

UR1 International is an Australian-based company that designs, markets and distributes an innovative range of unique and conventional photo albums and photo frames throughout the world. Since its inception in 1983, UR1 has become Australia’s leading distributor of frames and albums, focusing its activities on innovating, marketing and distributing quality products.
Known as “the innovators, not the imitators”, the UR1 marketing team develops numerous products and ranges every year.

We believe that keeping and displaying memories is extremely important and that every customer is different which is why we continue to offer a diverse range of frames and albums for our customers to choose from.
Our extensive frame range includes materials such as wood, pewter, aluminium, zinc, glass, acrylic and poly resin, just to name a few. The wide range of albums we offer include baby, home decor, trend, and special occasion in many different photo capacities and styles.

UR1 supplies independent photo stores, supermarkets, mass merchants, speciality retailers and department stores, both in Australia and overseas. We are fully integrated to conceptualize, design, source, distribute and visually present our products through all retail channels.

Our aim is to provide a unique, innovative and diverse range of quality products for customers to store and display their precious memories for a lifetime.


Founded in 2011 by the Palti family from Melbourne, Australia, the Cambodia Rural Students Trust (CRST) is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) registered with the Cambodian Interior Ministry. Our NGO sponsors our students’ education, health and dental care, life-skill courses and monthly living allowances. Being sponsored to study also means being part of the NGO family, a support system and hands-on learning experience in itself.

This unique NGO currently sponsors the high school and university education of 104 bright students from poor rural families. CRST is unique for two key reasons – firstly there are zero overheads, so every dollar in donations is used for education and community projects; secondly, CRST is managed entirely by the students of the NGO, who receive daily mentoring on managing an organisation. Additionally, all our students volunteer regularly in the community – essentially they are taught that they are Cambodia’s future leaders and they can start helping society now, they don’t have to wait until they graduate and earn money.

Students are also mentored as they manage several projects and enterprises – all designed to give them hands-on business, leadership and management skills. These projects include a frozen-yogurt store and projects focused on empowering girls, the environment and hosting foreign volunteers. For more information please visit https://www.cambodiaruralstudentstrust.org

The Cambodia Rural Students Foundation is an Australian Government registered Tax Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) and the Cambodia Rural Students Foundation Inc is a US Government registered public charity under IRS code section 501(c)(c3).