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       Category Management System

UR1's unrivalled Category Management System (CMS) continues to be a cornerstone of success with key retailers.

Some of the benefits of CMS include:

  • Comprehensive retail space planning
  • Deliver the product the consumer wants, when the consumer wants it
  • Use POS data to make informed ranging decisions
  • Understand trending and seasonality and how it applies to product
  • Reduce out-of-stocks and increase sales
  • Improve efficiency in distribution and space management
  • Reach optimal inventory levels

Why join UR1’s Category Management System?
In addition to plannogramming your space, the UR1 team will merchandise in-store to improve the overall appearance, and report regularly on saless performance and how to get the best return from the inventory and space you have.

What kinds of products are available when I join the CMS program?
The ENTIRE UR1 range. Whether you need basic classic frames, up-market styles, gift or novelty, the ‘all under one roof’ approach allows you ease of purchasing while giving your store a wide and expansive range of frames and albums.

Will the re-ordering process improve?
UR1 provides support that makes the ordering process a whole lot easier. We will analyse your stock levels and prepare an order for your consideration, making the ordering process more efficient.

What our customers are saying….


Digi Direct, Sydney

"When we started out at Bondi 7 years ago, we had 3 suppliers for frames and albums. Over a couple of months we found that the service we were getting from UR1 way surpassed the service of other companies; this was not just in the way of reps walked through the door but because of the actually business planning via product selection and placement, with the use of plannograms. UR1 actually manage the whole category as one, not just put-in whatever for the sake of an order. We have since grown our business by 100% in Bondi and have also gone on with UR1's CMS in our city store and more recently our new Miranda store which opened 4 weeks ago... So yes, we are very happy with the program!!"

Shant Kradjian
Digi Direct, Sydney



Ted's Camera Stores, Garden City

"With UR1's Category Management all the product is clearly laid-out, as every product has an address. It’s all organised prior to it arriving, meaning that when it does arrive it is simply placed in its location; this makes top-ups very easy to manage! And it saves on time and store resources!”

Natalie Angus
Ted's Camera Stores, Garden City



Harvey Norman, Greensborough

"Since the introduction of CMS here a few years ago, product sell-through has increased dramatically. The product planogram allows the product to be displayed in a way that maximises sales for us - it’s all about presentation. "

Quentin Spry
Harvey Norman, Greensborough

Ted's Camera Stores, Knox

"CMS makes it easy to maintain stock levels and presentation quality - works for me...!"

Lisa Oldfield
Ted's Camera Stores, Knox



Lido Fiore, Camerland

"The range and quality of products are second to none and the service is of a standard that we rarely see these days!!"

Lido Fiore
Cameraland, Leaderville